Comfortable Environment

Small Class Sizes

Gentle On The Body

Affordable and Convenient


If you feel you cannot do yoga because of injuries sustained over the years or because you have put on a few pounds, Yoga for The Soul's classes are designed so that you are able to do many yoga poses.

If you have difficulty doing it one way, a way that is suitable for you is found so that you still get the benefit of the pose. There are many props available to help you achieve your goals. We have chairs to help you get up and down from the floor.

Yoga can help you improve your game if you are into swimming, running, cycling, basketball, volleyball, tennis or racquetball, golf, skiing, and many other sports.

You ask, "How can yoga help?"

Yoga helps you maintain or gain back your strength and flexibility and especially helps with breathing. Quite frequently as we age, our breath becomes shorter and shallower. Yoga helps increase the length and depth of each breath.


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