Yoga for The Soul is more than just yoga in that we offer meditation, tai chi and fitness classes to round out your experience. We believe that your mind and spirit are as important as your physical body.

After class is finished, we gather as a community to enjoy a cup of tea to share our experience and just to get to know one another. We believe in building a community to make you feel welcome and that Yoga for The Soul is not just a place to come to exercise.

Health coaching is another aspect of Yoga for the Soul. Wendy Jaroslawski is a certified Health Coach and Nutrition Coach so she can help you find ways to find a healthier lifestyle. You are given tools to discover your habits that are holding you back from achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

Also, if you have a specific issue that is not addressed in a class, Yoga for the Soul will work with you individually. Guidance is provided so you can make choices that will enhance your everyday life on your journey to living the healthy lifestyle you have decided you want.

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