Yoga for The Soul is a boutique lifestyle community that is focused on supporting individuals transformations to attain and manage their health goals. We incorporate a variety of disciplines designed to support healing, including but not limited to: Yoga, Tai Chi, Nia, and Energy Meditation.

We believe that fitness should be used to change more than just your physical body. Yoga for The Soul is a conscious decision to follow a certain way, to change ones habits and positively impact ones mind frame, energy, and health.

At Yoga for The Soul we realize that as we mature we can no longer do things that we did even five years ago. Therefore, youll find that Yoga for The Soul is not like many of the yoga studios or classes that you may have taken or seen. First, lets clarify what Yoga for The Soul is not. Its NOT about:

" Twisting your body into strange postures like a pretzel
" No pain, no gain
" Feel the burn
" Sweating like a stuck pig in a hot room, or
" Feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable in a room full of perfect, lithe bodies
" Being in a class where there are 40+ students

Yoga for The Soul is about:

" Small class size  no more than 10 people
" Personalized instructions to help you grow even better
" Respecting your body where its at today
" Movement that feels good
" A sense of joy and feeling good about you again
" Discovering your bodys capabilities  yes, even now

Chances are there was a time when you jumped into a new fitness program with wild abandon. You wanted change  fast. Maybe you were a weekend warrior. Or, you pushed yourself or over-trained and ended up injured. Or, maybe you thought you were taking it easy and still developed muscle aches and pains. Now you know a more gradual approach to exercise makes sense. But its not as much fun as losing a jean size or taking two strokes off your golf game in two weeks.

If youre dedicated to finally enjoying gradual improvement and developing a strong body with the stamina and vitality you enjoyed ten or twenty years ago  then Yoga for the Soul is perfect for you.